ATPP – Asslam Technical Printing Press

In ATPP we offered multi type of book binding to our clients

Perfect Binding

 Perfect binding is typically used for soft cover books. With perfect binding, the book pages are gathered in the correct order, and the edges where the book spine would be are ground down. That area is glued into a paper cover.Because perfect binding only utilizes glue on the spine to keep the book together, it may not be as durable as a hardcover book. However, it is typically less expensive than hardcover binding.

Case Binding

 Case binding is generally used on hardcover bound books. Pages are collated and then sewn together to provide a strong book spine. The sewn block is then glued into the book spine, the front cover, and the back cover.

Coil Binding

 Coil binding is where a continuous metal or plastic loop is inserted into punched holes along the spine. This binding allows books to lay flat when they are open, but the binding has to be cut off to add or remove pages from the document.

Comb Binding

 Plastic comb binding, also called GBC binding, is when a plastic comb is inserted into rectangular punched holes to hold the pages together. This is useful for manuals that need pages to be replaced or removed from time to time.

Wire-O Binding

 This type of binding is very similar to coil binding. However, Wire-O Binding refers to double metal loops inserted through holes on one side of the book.However, like comb binding, you can add pages to the document. This option is more durable than comb binding, which makes it a practical option for long-term use.


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